Monday 03.04.2019

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

6am will remain open to everyone but we will focus on more specific mobility and funtional movements! Come join us if your 50+ or wanting to work on your mobility and "Just Keep Moving" workouts as the 6am crew likes to say!

Happy Birthday Beth

Push Press 3x2 heavy


20 DB/KB Walking lunges in Each hand (50/35)(35/20)(20/10)

19 Pull Ups

10min AMRAP


20 Double Unders

19 Sit ups

4 rounds

6am Class

3min row

1min run or walk

Banded Shoulder Mobility

Poll Assisted Squat Stretch


DB Step ups x10

KB Deadlifts x10

Ring Rows x10

Sit ups x10

Jump Rope by 1min

20min AMRAP

Functional Fitness

Work on DB Step ups for the first 10 min



10 Cals on Rower

10 KB RDLs

10 DB rows

20 Straight Leg Sit ups with abmat

20 Jumps with rop

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