Friday 11.16.2018

Come in and learn more about Kim's class! This is a class all women can benefit from and learn how to be safe and healthy before, during, and after pregnancy.

Stone Deadlifts x8

Dips x8

Weight Step ups x8 each leg

Prowler Push x8 down and back=2 (only length of rig)

DB Split Cleans x8 alternating legs

Barbell roll outs x8

25min of work not for time, for quality

Functional Fitness 9am

KB Deadlift x10

Weight step ups on shorter box x10 (5 each leg)

Prowler push Down and back length of rig x2

DB Back Step Lunges x10 (5 each leg)

Plank for 30-45secs

20min of work, for quality


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