Monday 01.14.2019

Lifestyle Challenge starts today. Start recording your health items!



20min to work on snatch from from to squat. Continue to work on OH Squat and Snatch balance. Don't move on until you feel comfortable and your movement is ready for the snatch.


20 seconds on 40 seconds off

Airdyne Sprints


Functional Fitness 9am

Prower Pull with band around waist 1min

KB Swings 1min

Rowing 1min

Sit ups 1min

DB alternating bench press 1min

1min rest


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Saturday 05.30.2020

200m run 21 of each ball slams Burpees Box jumps 300m run 15 of each 400m run 9 of each

Friday 05.29.2020

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Thursday 05.28.2020

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