Monday 08.20.2018

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

We are excited to announce that our classes will be lead by more of our coaching staff! Starting on Monday evenings our kids coach will also be coaching 530pm class Coach Ryan! Our intern turned Coach Trey will be doing 430pm and 630pm classes as well. We are excited to have them join us and start coaching classes!

Back Squat x5

Ring Rows x10

Alternating Seated DB Press x15

Cal Airdyne x20


You will focus on your movement and increasing the weight each time you go through. This is not an AMRAP it is for quality today!

Functional Fitness 9am

Goblet Squat x5

Ring Rows x10

Alternating Seated DB Pressx12

1min Cal Airdyne


Same focus as above. Better your movement and go hard on the Airdyne!


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