Monday 10.08.2018

Happy 36th Birthday Jake!

EMOM for 36 minutes

A/B/C options

1st minute Wall Balls x20/15/10

2nd minute DB Snatches x20/15/10 (total)

3rd minute Cal row x15/12/9

4th minute Deadlift x10/8/6 bodyweight

5th minute Burpees to plate x15/12/9

6th minute rest

6 rounds

Functions Fitness 9am

1st minute Medballs Thrusters x15/10/5

2nd minute DB Push Press x15/10/5

3rd minute cal row x10/8/6

4th minute KB Deadlift x15/10/5

5th minute No push ups burpees to plate x10/8/6

6th minute rest

4 rounds


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