Saturday 08.31.2019

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Sweat for Pets today! Bring in donations or dog/cat food, towels, and money! Free workout for all and everyone is welcome!


5x100m sprints

if you are over 5 push Ups

if you are under 5 pull ups/ring Rows



Partner 1 runs 100m-200m-300m-400m

Partner 2 planks for time of run

Each time you drop you move to wall sits and vice versa

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Saturday 05.30.2020

200m run 21 of each ball slams Burpees Box jumps 300m run 15 of each 400m run 9 of each

Friday 05.29.2020

Push Press 3-3-3 200m row 30 double Unders 30 sit ups 10min AMRAP Same for Functional Fitness

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