Thursday 02.13.2020

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Compound sets

Underhand Barbell Rows x10 Ring Rows x10 X3 DB Skull Crushers x10 Narrow Push Ups x10 X3 Heel taps x50 Flutter kicks x50 X3 Lateral Raises x10 Front Raises x10 X3 Max EZ Bar Curls in 1min Then Max EZ Bar Overhead Extensions 1min

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200m run 21 of each ball slams Burpees Box jumps 300m run 15 of each 400m run 9 of each

Push Press 3-3-3 200m row 30 double Unders 30 sit ups 10min AMRAP Same for Functional Fitness

Max reps x3 DB Curls DB Skull Crushers Arnold presses Calf raises DB reverse curls Heel Taps