Thursday 02.21.2019

Thanks Ryan for taking some photos and thanks to Beth for opening her doors to us!

New programming for Tuesday and Thursday‘s coming soon! Just s taste of what direction we will be going.

Part 1

Row 30 on 30 off


Jump Rope 20 on 20 off


High Knees and but kicks 10 on 10 off

X6 (alternate)

Part 2

3 kipping swings on bar or rings

6 step ups on each leg

9 forward hand walks

3min AMRAP

Part 3

3 rounds of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

Part 4

Option 1

20-15-10-5 rest 30sec to 1min and complete all sets before moving to new movements

DB Curls

EZ bar overhead tricep extensions

GHD Sit Ups

DB Lateral Raises

DB/KB Single arm row( all one arm then all another)

Option 2

500m Row

20 walking lunges

15 Renegade Rows

10 Turkish get ups to each hand

15min AMRAP

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