Thursday 03.14.2019

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Part 1

Run 4 minutes

Jump Rope 3 minutes

Part 2

Elbow to Instep length of rig

Lat Stretch x4 each side

High Knees Back down


Later Lunges length of rig

Swimmers x10

Butt Kicks Back down


Part 3

(Use plates)

Fast lateral Step overs x30 seconds

Ladder fast footwork 2 feet in and 2 feet out Down and back

Banded Jumps with DB x10


Part 4 Option

30 seconds on 30 seconds off

DB Curls

Tricep Push Downs

Banded Lat Pull Down (wide grip)

Alternating Deadbugs

Calf Raises


Artis Barbell 5am and 430pm


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