Thursday 04.18.2019

Kids (5-11) classes are 530pm Tuesday and 1015am Saturday

Youth Conditioning (12-18) is Tuesday and Thursday at 530pm

Part 1

5min easy cardio

Part 2


Part 3

3min easy cardio

Part 4

Burn out ( first set less than 20 reps)

3 sets max reps with 30 second rest between sets do all sets then move to next movement

Supinated Ring Rowsx3

90 degree lateral shoulder raise x3

Hollow rocks x3

DB Skull crushers x3

L-sit hold x3

Barbell Curls x3

Youth Conditioning


30 seconds on 30 seconds off

3 rounds, stay at each station for 3 rounds



Box Jump down and up

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Movement focus 10min

Box Squat


4 cone sprint grab bean bag and sprint back, then grab bean bag and place it back at each cone (fast)

4 Max Vertical jumps to target (focus on landing and max height)

30 Second Bicycles

30 Second max airdyne sprint

rest 1 min

3-5 sets

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