Thursday 06.13.2019

About a month away! Duo 2019!

Part 1

500m easy row

1min easy Airdyne

part 2

lacrosse ball roll out

5 min

part 3

2min jump rope

1min jog

part 4

Band Single leg hip thrusts 3x15 each leg

Calf Raises 3x20

Hamstring Curls 3x15

Elevated Split Squats 3x12 each leg

Max Effort L-hold x5

Youth Conditioning 530pm

30on 30off

box jumps

pull ups

push ups

banded sprints




Bench Press 3x5


1min on 30 seconds off

Wall sprints

Box Split lunges


Burpee Box Jumps

x3-5 sets

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200m run 21 of each ball slams Burpees Box jumps 300m run 15 of each 400m run 9 of each

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