Thursday 10.03.2019

Remember everyone this Saturday at 4pm we will be hosting our first Run for Grace 5k. Please join us at Chalco Hills for a free event. I will have more information on where to meet and the run. You can check out more information on our Facebook Event!

Part 1

Walk -Jog every other light pole to 800m mark and back

Part 2

PVC Roll out for 10min

Part 3


(rest as little as possible)

DB Bench Press 30-20-10

Banded Chest Flyes 20-15-10

Seated DB Curls 30-20-10

Isolated Hammer Curls 20-15-10

Standing Side Crunces 30-20-10

Leg Raises on bench 20-15-10

Banded Facepulls 30-20-10

DB Lateral Raises 20-15-10


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