Thursday 10.18.2018

Morning, day, or night we have the program and class time that fits your needs and schedule. Try us for Free anytime!

Example of metabolic cycle Jen‘s Barbell class is going through.

Goal reps are 1st set 25-30 reps

rest 45 seconds

2nd set 12-16

rest 45 seconds

3rd set 6-8

DB incline Bench Press 3 sets

DB Overhead Tricep extensions 3 sets

Two Arm DB Curls 3 sets

DB step ups 3 sets (3 of left then 3 on right)

DB/KB side crunches 3 sets

Every Thursday during the winter we will have a rowing workout posted. Let’s get those meters in!

30 hard strokes (Sprint) 15 easy strokes 20 hard strokes (Sprint) 10 easy strokes 10 hard strokes (Sprint) 5 easy strokes Rest 1-2min 7 sets Max distance


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