Tuesday 02.26.2019

We are adding Youth Athletic Conditioning to our Program. These will consist of middle and high school kids ages from 12-18 years old. We will start the program April 2nd and will offer it for now twice a week at 530pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights. We will have team discounts and individual rates for kids. Email jon.artisstrength@gmail.com with any questions.

Part 1

Prowler Band forward walk around hips down and backwards walk around hips back x3

Cobras x10

Pass Throughs by 10 each direction.


Part 2

20 Double or Single Unders

5-10 Push Ups

10-15 Box Jumps must step down


Part 3

Carioca Down and Back

3 Burpees

High Knees Down and Back

3 Burpees

Butt Kicks Down and Back

3 Burpees

Part 4




Pull Ups

DB Snatch Each arm


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