Tuesday 04.16.2019

Youth Conditioning tonight at 530pm ages 12-18 years old

Artis Barbell 5am and 430pm

Artis Kids 530pm

Youth Athletic Conditioning 530pm

Part 1

800m run or 800m row

part 2

Length of rig and back for each

Elbow to instep

Lateral Lunges

Inch Worms

Broad Jumps

Part 3

800m run or 800m row for time

Part 4

5 Tire Flips

5 Prowler Pushes D&B length of rig

Heavy Farmers carry D&B twice (KB/Plates)

5 Ring Dips

5 Pistols on each leg

15 Second Sprint on Ski Erg (fast)

work the rest of class

Youth Conditioning


30 seconds on 30 seconds off

3 rounds, stay at each station for 3 rounds



Box Jump down and up

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Movement focus 10min

Box Squat


4 cone sprint grab bean bag and sprint back, then grab bean bag and place it back at each cone (fast)

4 Max Vertical jumps to target (focus on landing and max height)

30 Second Bicycles

30 Second max airdyne sprint

rest 1 min

3-5 sets


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