Tuesday 04.30.2019

Tomorrow starts our fitness testing month. Let us see how you stack up to the national averages! Also this will include our performance levels on the wall as well. look those over and see where you will end up!

Artis Barbell 5am and 430pm

Artis Kids 5-11 years old 530pm

Part 1

1min Farmers Carry

1min Airdyne


Part 2

Banded Monster Walks

20 steps each way

Right, Left, Forward and back

5min of work

Part 3

Seated Banded Hold for 2min

Part 4

Burpee Ball Clean Thruster x10 (burpee on the ball)

Overhead Walking Lunge with Ball x10

Medball Tosses from chest laying on back x10

10min AMRAP

Youth Conditioning (530pm)


30 seconds on 30 seconds off

3 rounds, stay at each station for 3 rounds



Box Jump down and up

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Movement focus 10min



40 seconds on 20 seconds off

Prowler Sprints with band around waist

Explosive squat jumps with band around shoulders

Max effort Push press Wall balls (let drop to floor each time)

Square foot drill alternating legs

Medball Twists


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