Tuesday 06.18.2019

Strength Camp has started and these kids did great. M-W-F for the next three weeks from 10am-noon.

Part 1

400m run

100 Single Unders

30 second double under work

Part 2

Elbow to instep 10 each leg

Lateral Lunges 10 Each leg

20 Swimmers

2 sets

Part 3

100 Jumping Jacks

Part 4

Death by Pull Ups and Double Unders

1 Pull up and 10 double under the first minute

2 Pull Ups and 12 Double Unders the 2nd

and so on until you cannot get the reps in

Youth Conditioning 530pm

30on 30off

Box Jumps

Pull Ups

Push Ups


Cone Drill


Bench press

20 sec on 40 sec rest


Wall Sprints

Split Lunges

DB Push Presses

x4-5 sets


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