Tuesday 07.10.2018

Each month we will have a commitment board. With our busy schedules you cannot put your health and fitness to the side. Will you commit to 15 or more classes a month? Sign up at the gym to be apart of our commitment group!

Pull Up work!

Ring Rows x10

Banded Pull Ups x10

Strict Pull Ups 1-3-5

Weight Pull UPs 1-3-5

then 3 sets of above.

From last week try to add weight take down a band when doing your three sets. We will help you at the gym!


Every 2min 30 Double Unders

12min cap


KB Swings (2/1.5) B (1.5/1) C(1/.5)

Clapping Push ups B(Push Ups) C(banded push ups)

Kids class at 530pm

Artis barbell at 5am and 430pm


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