Wednesday 07.11.2018

You want to have some fun paddleboarding? Sign up for The Duo on for a fun male/female team event!

7 DB Cleans (50/35) B(35/20) C(20/10)

7 Toes to bar B(leg raises) C(Knee Raises/sit ups)

7 Box Jumps (24/20) B(20/16) C(16/12)

7 Deadlifts (225/155) B(185/125) C(barbell/KB DL)

100m Plate Carry Overhead (45/25) B(25/15) C(15/10)

7 rounds

Functional Fitness

7 DB Front Squats

7 Supine Leg Raises

7 Box Jumps/Step Ups

7 KB Deadlifts

100m DB/KB Farmers Carry

20min AMRAP


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